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Pluto Snuffles:

Uses the entire body in one fluid movement that opens the chest, engaging the arms. Similar to a chaturanga movement in yoga, the Pluto Snuffles works the pectorals (front chest muscles), and the whole arm (including triceps and deltoids) in a cat-like movement that lengthens and defines the arms and the back.

The Muffin No More:

Works the entire core, including obliques (‘waist muscles’), and the hamstrings (back thigh muscles). Student is parallel to the barre in a kneeling position, gently holding onto the barre, as pictured. Student uses core muscles for added stability, and lifts and pulses top leg in small increments.

Burnt Thighs:

Works to provide a deep stretch in the front of hip, and works the quadriceps (front thigh muscles). In a kneeling position with the pelvis tilted toward the barre, the student uses their core muscles and the aid of a barre to maintain stability, while reaching up and back toward the ceiling with alternating arms.

½ Banana:

Aimed at targeting the glutes, the obliques—the ‘waist muscles,’ and the hamstrings (back thigh muscles). Lying on the side (as pictured), student drops and lifts her top leg in a movement designed to target those hard to reach obliques. Core muscles remain engaged throughout this exercise.

Hello Sailor:

Targets the glutes, backside of the waist (that ‘muffin’ problem area) and the obliques (‘waist muscles’). Together, the Hello Sailor works to smooth and define the waist and buttocks. In a seated position, student places one hand at hip and the other hand behind her head, engaging the glutes and core muscles for stability. With legs positioned (as pictured), student raises bottom leg in small, fluid movements.

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“Living in London in the early sixties I used to go to Lotte Berk's classes somewhere near Baker Street. Once I was married, we moved out of London and abroad. All these years later, I was amazed to find Esther was teaching classes in her house close to where I live now.”

A Happy Client

“I have been practicing the Lotte Berk Technique with her daughter, Esther Fairfax, and at 75 I am very fit and healthy. Also great fun!”

Jan Germain

“After all the keep fit classes I have been doing there is nothing to beat the exercises that Esther teaches. We have great fun and at the same time she is a great teacher and I certainly feel better for it.”

Auriol Jackson

“Results in strength, shape and definition unlike any other exercise.”

Alice King

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