{lasting impressions: my visit with Esther}

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I walked into Esther’s home frazzled from the journey from London to Hungerford. At one point I caught a train in the wrong direction and was rushing to make her only class of the day. Esther welcomed me with a great big smile and open arms. Strangers meeting for the first time, her warmth and kindness put me at ease and the stress of the journey fell away. This was familiar. A year ago I walked into Kelly’s home studio and was met in the same way. The turmoil of the year I had just gone through didn’t fall away, but for the time I was in class the other students and I celebrated each other’s strengths and quirks. A new perspective that’s lingered with me even after class. This was the quality that set Kelly’s class apart from anything else. Stepping into Esther’s class I could see why Kelly was driven to capture the atmosphere created there and bring it home.
Esther keeps a sharp eye on her students, correcting and making adjustments in a playful and charming way. The exercises are challenging. They have been refined and perfected for 53 years by Esther. They target the muscle so deeply and precisely that the pairing of enthusiasm and comedy is the perfect match for it. When the class is at its peak fatigue, Esther sweeps in with exuberance in her voice, leading students to feel the music, guiding them to work a little harder, stretch the muscles more deeply and become stronger. Kelly was quite right when she said, “It’s not just a work out, it’s a work of art.” With a solid foundation of exercises that was forged by her mother Lotte Berk, Esther takes the class as her stage and uses it to create a space where women are strengthened inside and out. A special technique born out of struggle and passion, delivered with all her heart. This was what I was fortunate to experience on my trip to England. Thanks to Kelly we have a place to continue this work here in Long Beach and keep the legacy alive.

– Corinne

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“Living in London in the early sixties I used to go to Lotte Berk's classes somewhere near Baker Street. Once I was married, we moved out of London and abroad. All these years later, I was amazed to find Esther was teaching classes in her house close to where I live now.”

A Happy Client

“I have been practicing the Lotte Berk Technique with her daughter, Esther Fairfax, and at 75 I am very fit and healthy. Also great fun!”

Jan Germain

“After all the keep fit classes I have been doing there is nothing to beat the exercises that Esther teaches. We have great fun and at the same time she is a great teacher and I certainly feel better for it.”

Auriol Jackson

“Results in strength, shape and definition unlike any other exercise.”

Alice King

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