{spring has sprung at tlm}

Back in New York the first sign of Spring was the crocuses. Sometimes there would still be snow on the ground and a little purple flower would be peeking its head out. That small flower signified so much! It was time to come out of our shell, shake off the sleepiness of winter and start fresh! Spring is a time of renewal, growth and birth.

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{barre vs. berk}

As we head into 2017, I wanted to take a second to talk about the difference between Barre fitness classes (as we know them) and the TRUE Lotte Berk technique that I discovered just a couple of years ago deep in the countryside of ENGLAND.

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{it’s time to “find your fanny”}

When you hear the word “fanny,” what do you think of? In America we have been taught that fanny is our bum, behind, booty, backside—our butt. But in the UK, and England—home of Lotte Berk—your “fanny” is something completely different!…

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{tLm Bluff Park studio}

I have to say there’s nothing as exciting, overwhelming, scary and gratifying as opening a business. It’s been almost 3 months since The London Method Bluff Park opened its doors and Kelly and I haven’t stopped smiling since! I never imagined that walking into Kelly’s home studio…

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{tLm is born}

This was last April in England. I had completed my training with Esther Fairfax and my newest revelations and I were ready to show America (or at least Long Beach, CA) what I had learned.I measured myself before going to my training last year…

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{thank you Esther!}

I cannot believe it has almost been a year since my “Journey Back to Berk” began! I didn’t mean to take this long to write my second entry, but I have to say I have been a busy girl since returning from my training in England last April (2015).

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“Living in London in the early sixties I used to go to Lotte Berk's classes somewhere near Baker Street. Once I was married, we moved out of London and abroad. All these years later, I was amazed to find Esther was teaching classes in her house close to where I live now.”

A Happy Client

“I have been practicing the Lotte Berk Technique with her daughter, Esther Fairfax, and at 75 I am very fit and healthy. Also great fun!”

Jan Germain

“After all the keep fit classes I have been doing there is nothing to beat the exercises that Esther teaches. We have great fun and at the same time she is a great teacher and I certainly feel better for it.”

Auriol Jackson

“Results in strength, shape and definition unlike any other exercise.”

Alice King

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